What is Microblading? 1

What is Microblading?

Microblading is the hottest new beauty industry trend and beauty professionals are rushing to learn this new, lucrative service. Microblading is a permanent makeup “like” procedure that is performed to one’s eyebrows by certified microblading artists and permanent makeup artists alike. A microblade tool is used to apply color pigments across each eyebrow to emulate real hairs. It offers people with thinning or light colored eyebrows the ability to have fuller looking and perfectly shaped eyebrows.

The process consists of a consultation with a microblading artist. During the consultation, the microblading artists will examine the client’s skin tone, eyebrow hair growth patterns, and hair color. The artist will then ask the client a serious of questions to get a better idea of how they apply their eyebrow makeup and what type of look are they hoping to achieve. Once the consultation is completed the artist will map the client’s face as a means for symmetrically drawing where to place the eyebrow hair strokes. Once the layout phase is complete, the microblade artist will get started on creating the brows. The procedure takes about 2-hours in most cases. Once the artist has completed the procedure, the client will set an appointment for a “touch-up” procedure in 3-5 weeks after the eyebrows have fully healed. The client is also sent home with aftercare instructions.

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