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Eyebrow Microblading Class

Our 2-day Eyebrow Microblading Class is the perfect solution for learning how to microblade fast! It makes no difference if you are new to the beauty industry or if you are an experienced professional, we can train anyone. In our 2-day Eyebrow Microblading Class you will learn how to draw eyebrows, how to map different face types, work on practice skin and graduate to working on live models. Our students work on models on the first day of class. At The Pamper Studio, you can rest assured knowing our instructor is an expert at her craft and will have you prepared to perform your first training procedure before the 1st day of class ends!


Earn $299-$599 Per 2-Hour Procedure!

The Pamper Studio believes in keeping class sizes small because we feel it gives each student dedicated time with the instructor. We understand everyone learns differently and we respect that. We have developed our eyebrow microblading class to adapt to the needs of our students. Everything we do, teach and train we have developed ourselves. At the end of the Microblade Training Class, you will receive a certification of completion and be ready to start your new career!
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Are You Tired Of Working A Job You’re Not Passionate About?

Well if you are going to spend your time and energy anyway why not spend it in gratitude, doing something you love earning the income you dream of…

Are You Tired Of Working Too Hard For Too Little?

By becoming a microblade artist, you can instantly start earning a 6 figure income. The average cost of a microblade appointment is $499. If you did one microblade appointment per day for 5 days a week, you would earn $2,495 dollars per week, 9,980 per month, and 119,760 per year. The average microblade appointment is 2hrs or less. The potential income is unlimited. So imagine if you did 2 or 3 appointments per day and yes this is possible and realistic.

Are You Tired Of Not Having Enough Time For Yourself?

One of the benefits of being a microblade artist is that you can work as little or as much as you want. By becoming a microblade artist you will have control and flexibility with your time and energy. It’s time you take control of your life!

Do You Want To Start A Family?

By becoming a microblade artist, you will be able to afford the family you dream of. You will be able to financially raise a family and give them the time and energy they deserve.

Would You Like More Time To Spend With Your Family, Spouse, Kids, Pets, and Friends?

You can work as little as 2hrs per day and make 6 figures, which equal more time and energy for your family, spouse, kids, pets, and friends. You will no longer have to miss those special occasions with your loved ones.

Do You Want To File For Divorce Or Want Out Of That Toxic Relationship But Concerned About Financial Support?

Well, no need for that stress anymore! You can literally start earning high dollars after taking my 2day microblading course. Being a microblade artist can give you the financial freedom you deserve!

Do You Want To Skip Past College?

Save yourself the stress of going into high debt with no guarantee return of your investment. Save yourself the worry of job placement once you graduate. Skip past going to college for at least four long brutal years.

Do You Want A High Income Skill?

Microblading is a high-income skill with little time invested. Don’t listen to people saying work hard, you want to work smart. Taking the microblade training will not put you into debt, you invest a little with a huge return. You need money, don’t listen to people who say money isn’t important. How can you help yourself and others without it? You need to make money and you need to make it fast. You do not have all the time in the world.

Do You Want To Travel And Explore The World?

Being a microblade artist gives you flexibility with your finances, time, and energy. Don’t sell yourself short by working low paying jobs with long hours. Choose the career that your time and finances will allow you to travel to Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, Central America, and many other places for as long as you want. When you make money traveling is no issue!

Are You Experiencing Not So Good Credit And Would Like To Earn Extra Money To Fix It?

Well with your new high-income skill, paying off bad debt is no issue. You need excellent credit especially in America if you want to move up the wealth ladder. You will pay double if not triple if you have poor credit. When you have a high-income skill, there is no need to live off credit because you can afford your lifestyle.

Do You Want To Fire Your Current Boss?

If you don’t have the money currently to invest in the training, use your current job as your investor to finance your new microblading career. Don’t work a job just to live from paycheck to paycheck, and only to pay bills. How will you ever get ahead? Stop going in the same circles year after year. Take the training, change your life and tell your boss to F off.

Do You Want To Be Part Of One Of The Fastest Growing Industries?

Microblading is one of the hottest industries around. Everyone has a set of eyebrows, so it’s unlimited clients for you. People want to look their best, people need you. You will change lives for the better! Imagine yourself creating beautiful brows for the client who is experiencing alopecia, cancer, thinning brows, or just hair loss. They will love you for life!

Do You Want To Be A Entrepreneur?

You can easily be your own boss from anywhere in the world. You can work from home, rent an office, or a space inside another beauty business.

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Microblading and/or Eyelash Extension is the career for you!


Becoming a microblade artist or eyelash extension artist, you will have flexibility in your finances, time, and energy. Take back control of your life and start earning the 6 figure plus salary you deserve. We can solve your problem with our two days microblade and/or eyelash extension training.
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